Address Services

There are three options which we offer for our clients:

Registered address £49

Your company will be registered with Companies House with this  address. All paperwork from governmental departments (HMRC and Companies House) will be forwarded to you.
But be advised that all business letters that would normally be sent to an office address will not be forwarded. Letters from banks, clients and suppliers that you would normally expect to receive at an office address are not included with this service.

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Private address service £29

People use this option when they don’t want to show their private  address when registering with Companies House. No mail is being forwarded except governmental documents from Companies House and HMRC – they are forwarded free of charge to UK and international addresses. This option is just for maintaining privacy. A lot of international and UK clients decided to use our Private address service because it allows them to use the prestigious Canary Wharf address as their director’s service address. This will prevent your home address from showing on the public record and will look professional from prospective client’s eyes.

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Mail forwarding address £99

All mail (including banking, accounting, personal, supplier’s mail and marketing mail) will be forwarded to you. But you can’t use this option for the registration address with Companies House.
The main benefit of using this mail forwarding service is that it will enhance your company’s image and improve the overall presence of your business. It will also help to keep your residential address private.
Using this service will help to stop unwanted callers and improve the professionalism of your company.
Mail forwarding address service comes with mail forwarding which means you can receive post to any location globally. This service does not include a registered office address or a director’s service address which will have to be purchased separately.

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All these options have to be paid separately. These are annual fees. All prices are subject to VAT (20%).